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Post-Incorporation Corporate Services

Chettleburgh's have built up more than 50 years of experience in dealing with the post-incorporation needs of companies and have become specialists in the drafting and re-drafting of articles.
Share Capital Restructure

What Do We Offer?

Capital Restructuring

Enable the company share structure to benefit the shareholders through tax efficient dividend distribution.

Rights Issues

Raise new capital by offloading existing members additional shares in ratio to their existing holdings. 

Adoption of New Articles

Replace outdated Articles and dispense with restrictive obsolete Memorandum clauses.

Change of Name /  Swaps

Change a company's name or exchange name between two existing companies.

Capital Reduction

Reduce the issued capital where the capital is no longer required or relevant to tht ecompany's needs.


Amend business structure by adopting a new legal corporate structure ie. PLC to CIC

Purchase of Own Shares

A means by which a company can purchase issued shares from an existing memebr, ie. oto aid retirement from business.

Filling Out / Updating Company Registers

Completion and creation of Statutory Register where none exist are or lost.

Share for Share Exchanges

Group capital re-structuring

If these services may be of use, please get in touch 

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